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Beach Life
Myrtos Beach
When it comes to pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, Kefalonia truly has it all. You could follow the in crowd to world-famous hang outs like the beach of Myrtos or find your private paradise amongst the numerous hidden gems scattered around the island. Enjoy some of the best swimming in clear unspoiled waters or float to your heart’s content under a crimson sunset.

With unspoiled natural beauty, an inviting culture and archaeological treasures seamlessly integrated into a present-day landscape, this captivating destination will never cease to amaze, enchant and forever draw you back.

Kyma Eros Villas is a luxury villa complex in Kefalonia, where guests may unwind, relax and let their worries melt away during a stay. Unique experiences, exceptional service and warm hospitality are on the menu, and it’s all cloaked in easy luxury to give you an unforgettable holiday

Do you need an experience tailored to you needs?
Your wedding and honeymoon are once-in-a-lifetime experiences made even more magical on the island of Kefalonia. Naturally, celebrations this special call for a very unique place to host them and you won't find one more perfect than Kyma Eros. Say “I do” amid the vibrant and elegant backdrop of our villas for you and your guests to enjoy, and step into your honeymoon from the moment you are wed. Kick off married life in one of our exquisite villas!
You can find heavenly relaxation within the premise of our luxury villas, to infuse the spirit with that precious harmony that is revealed in the realm of authentic well-being. In Kyma Eros, it takes only a few moments to completely leave behind the stressful frenzy that permeates everyday life with massage treatments on request.
Kyma Eros Villas Kefalonia
Kyma Eros Villas Kefalonia
In-Villa Dining

In-villa dining is one of the great pleasures of a private villa vacation. There’s nothing more rewarding than gathering around the dining table with family and friends to enjoy a leisurely home-cooked lunch or dinner that has been prepared without your lifting a finger. Our chef takes great pride in whipping up a menu of traditional and Mediterrenean dishes using the freshest ingredients sourced from the various local markets. Guests may glance through a small suggestion menu for inspiration, or make special requests.

Kyma Eros Villas Kefalonia
Private Tours

You could be forgiven for never wanting to leave your luxury villa (we know the feeling!) – but there is also a whole island out there to explore. There are some one-of-a-kind lifetime experiences at Kefalonia and Kyma Eros can take you on unique tours in order to discover the beauty of the island.

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